Malad kandivli Education Society’s



''Thinking is the Capital, Enterprise is the Way, Hard Work is the Solution'' - APJ Abdul Kalam.

Welcome to the MKES Parivaar nestled in the vibrant Bhavishya Bharat Campus ...

The year 1983 marked the start of our journey. A two-room setup in the NL High school premises with one division in Commerce has now branched out into three streams of Commerce, Arts and Science spread across four wings of the College building. We know first-hand the value of hard work and humble beginnings. We aim to inculcate ambition and determination in our learners to churn them into trendsetters rather than trend followers.


  • Education for all
  • Education for the youth
  • Education for the future of our country


Our mission is to serve the society at large, and students belonging to linguistic minority in particular, with commitment, dedication and devotion. The institution aims at providing overall education.


  • To impart quality and valuable service in the field of Education
  • To attain Community and Social Development
  • To ensure and inculcate perfect discipline among students
  • To aim at overall personality development of the students
  • To inculcate moral values among students
  • To enable them to face the challenges of the competitive world
  • To help them in discovering their talents
  • To instil awareness about social and ecological issues and help them in being socially conscious citizens.
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Discipline and Decorum

  • A student found in a tutorial batch or a division or a class, which is not meant for him/her, will be liable for punishment.
  • No fund raising activity should be undertaken by any student without prior written permission from the Principal.
  • Students are warned that they should not indulge in any form of ragging. Any student found involved or abetting in ragging, will be dealt with as per provisions of law.
  • The Principal has the power to determine suitable disciplinary action incase of indiscipline and improper conduct of the students.
  • Parents/Guardians/Students are requested to read and acquaint themselves with the rules of conduct and discipline. Students must ensure strict compliance with these rules.
  • If, for any reason, in the opinion of the Principal, the continuance of any student in the College is deemed detrimental to the interest of the College, the Principal may expel such a student from the College. The decision of the Principal in this regard will be final.
  • Absence on medical ground, may be considered a satisfactory reason for absence from lectures or tutorials. Yet at the time of granting the terms to a student, his/her class work and other academic inputs will be considered to be of paramount importance. Hence, a student may not be granted his/her terms even if he/she explains his/her absence on medical or other grounds. Absence should be with prior permission; in case it is due to unforseen circumstances, an application duly supported by a medical certificate in the case of illness or duly supported by other satisfactory evidence in the case of other reasons, must reach the Principal within a week of such occasion of absence.
  • In the Commerce section, the College has six divisions of First and Second Year classes and five divisions of the Third Year class. Out of these, one division each of the Second and Third Year classes are run on an unaided basis.
  • Admission to Second Year and Third Year classes will be granted on the basis of attendance and academic performance. Students who cannot be admitted in the aided classes will be granted admission in the unaided batch.
  • Students with poor academic performance and conduct, may not be admitted to the next semester/subsequent year as the case may be, and the admission of such students shall be solely at the discretion of the Principal


  • •Ordinance - 0.6086 Relating to Attendance for granting the terms in each subject, a minimum attendance of 75% of the average of the total number of theory lectures, practicals and tutorials (wherever prescribed), and a 50% attendance for each subject will be required out of the total number of lectures, practicals and tutorials in the subject conducted during the term/semester.
  • A student who is not able to attend his/her classes regularly and/or who is not able to complete his/her tutorial/project/assignments properly may not be permitted to appear for the examinations as per the University rules.
  • Ordinance - 0.6086 relating to the keeping of terms to the satisfaction of the Principal of the College:- To keep a term at a college or recognised institution, an undergraduate or post graduate student must complete, to the satisfaction of the Principal or the Head of the Institution, the course of study at the college or institution, prescribed for such a term for the class to which such an undergraduate or post graduate student belongs.
  • If students are not able to attend lectures and/or tutorials for a period exceeding a week in a term, they should take prior permission from the College Principal, for such absence.


  • Students are expected to wear decent clothes. Students are strictly prohibited from wearing the following while on the college premises.


  • Caps, Hats, Half-pants, Shorts, Bermudas, Sleeveless T-shirts and 3/4th pants, Ripped Jeans, Torn Jeans.


  • Caps, Hats, Half-pants, Shorts, Bermudas, Skin tight dresses, revealing dresses, Short dresses or short skirts, Sleeveless and short tops, Ripped Jeans, Torn Jeans, and pedal pushers. Facial piercing other than earrings and nose rings strict- ly prohibited. Any other attire which according to the College authorities is not suitable to the College culture / environment will not be permit- ted.